>So I accomplished pretty much nothing thus far today. In my search for a low carb crock pot cook book,* I did verify that it seems impossible to follow a low carb diet that is also low in fat. This is a wee problem (unless you are near me when I have gas, then it is a very large and unfortunate problem) because my mysterious digestive ailment requires me to restrict my fat intake. I suppose the solution to all this is to eat salad for the rest of my miserable, cupcake-loving life. Although even some fruits and veggies are restricted in low carb diets. Insanity, I tell you.

Another thing that I did that does not count as accomplishing anything is catch up on my favorite really awful blogger. In the past, before I had any netiquette at all, I complained about her blog here. I also left some less-than-considerate comments (I believe the term “hack” was thrown down) on her site, which was not the right thing to do, even if it is true. I also described about it as like “a gruesome car accident” which I could not stop staring at. Then I realized that I had the wrong mindset about the whole thing, and that her blog was, in fact, utterly hilarious in its pretentiousness and observations about New York. Hence I read big chunks of it once in a while to chuckle.

Anyway, this all led me to the brilliant site Trainwrecks. Yessss, it is evil and mean and highly entertaining. Hee hee. Oh, how it appeals to my hideous bitch side. These people are brilliant. Truly, I am jealous.

*Crock pot cooking is about all I can handle other than making eggs in various styles.