>Saturday morning I had the hole in my tooth filled. My new dentist was referred to me by a friend from grad school. I figured it would be excruciatingly painful, as the staff already showed their tendency towards sadism by offering me an appointment at 8 AM when I called on Tuesday to say I needed a dentist. Yes, you read that correctly - Saturday at 8 AM. What freak dentist gets up to start drilling holes in people’s mouths at that ungodly hour?!?! Also, let me mention that this practice is in Brooklyn, which while conveniently located off the express subway line that is near by apartment, is still in Brooklyn.

Despite arising from a deep slumber at 6:45 to take the subway to go to the fucking dentist!, I actually was in a good mood. It was absurdly warm out already, the subway came right away, was empty, and moved fast (oddly, no one was waiting on the platforms at each stop so early on a Sat. morning), and the neighborhood the office is located in is lovely. I walked around a bit, appreciating the quiet and the old charm of the apartments and buildings.

Even more surprising, when I arrived at the dentist’s office, I discovered that he was rather easy on the eyes. My friend told me that this was a father-son practice, but not that the son (who she sees) has such a nice face to stare at while he drills holes in your teeth. Fortunately, I did not need Novocain. (The needle in my gum kills me, and although the dental technician insisted that this doctor is especially skilled at shooting people up with the numbing agent, which I found somewhat creepy, I declined to use it right off the bat.)

So all’s well that ends well. I had my hole crammed up with filling, and another small cavity taken care of also. I took the subway home, arrived around 10 am, ate a small snack, and went back to sleep. Then I had bonding time with Future-Sister-in-Law, and after that walked around with Husband and purchased items with gift cards we received during the holidays. Can’t beat that.