>If you are in New York (or will be on Thursday night), and support the slaughter of innocent unborn children as strongly I do, I hereby invite you to an exciting event at NARAL NY. I’ll be speaking on a panel about how lack of access to abortion (89% of counties in the US do not have any abortion services available) forces women into either more expensive, later procedures or very dangerous situations. Having a legal right to something is utterly useless if one can’t actually take action on it.

I’m sure I’ll want to grab a bite afterward because nothing works up an appetite like talking about the right to kill babies. I think it has to do with my Jewish heritage. It is common knowledge in some communities that the blood of Christian babies is a key ingredient in matzos. Thus thinking about abortion clearly triggers a link in my head to traditional Jewish cooking, which obviously makes me hungry.*

Regardless of my need for specialty foods, I hope to see you there.

*Forget that I actually immensely dislike matzos or actual murder. It is of no consequence to my point here.