>It seems that I already wrote about celebrating Suzanne-style at some point (I suspect it was about drinking a lot of Diet Coke). I decided that I needed more structure and guidance in my year of writing and this afternoon I scored myself a writing internship, so I am very excited about that. I also sent off another personal essay that I have been working on since December (about being an inexperience sex columnist), so hopefully that will get printed. And Monday I should have another piece in the "My View" column in Metro New York.

Thus, I am taking the afternoon off to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes that I rarely take time for: cross-stitch. Seriously. Of course, I usually miscount the stitches at some point or do a row of the wrong color and fuck my craft up a bit, but whatever. The highlight of my cross-stitching talents was the Last Supper cross-stitch that I made for Steph a few years ago. I missed a row and so Jesus's head was a tad misshapen, but otherwise, I am very proud of it. One day when I get good at it, I hope to make my own patterns. They will say things like, "Home is Where the Sex Is" or "Eat Me, Asshole" with cute little animals in the background. Perhaps I could even do the CUSS logo...

Unlike knitting, cross-stitch is still only done by little old ladies. (The kind without tattoos.) Who says that I am not demure and lady-like?