>As my dad drove me home from the airport this afternoon, he earnestly explained that their AOL account is no more because he made other "arrangements."

Dad: See, just turn the computer on and click on that thing...
Me: Internet Explorer?
Dad: Yes! That! And it will go right to the MSM homepage! We have DSL now!
Me: Oh, that's exciting!
Dad: It is so much faster, you won't believe it! But you can't use your portable with it because there'd no special firewall set up.

Isn't that cute? I admit to being somewhat puzzled as to how I was supposed to link my laptop to his DSL connection regardless of secutiry issues, but whatever. This evening I took a closer look at the equipment that was set up to bring the miracle of hi speed internet connectivity into our humble abode. Yeah, it's wi-fi.

I think that just makes the conversation cuter, don't you?