>Husband sent me this important news article:

A Buenos Aires tattooist, who is also a River Plate fan, is being sued for etching a penis on the back of teenager who requested the Boca Juniors logo, according to UPI.

"I could not see what he was tattooing because he didn't have a mirror. I only saw it when I got home and showed it to my parents," said the victim.

A police spokesperson said: "The tattooist supports Boca Junior's rival, River Plate, so he got annoyed when the teenager asked him to tattoo Boca's symbol and decided to tattoo a penis instead."

Husband's conclusion? "One more reason not to support Boca Juniors or to get a tattoo." I don't agree with the tattoo part, as I think that tattoos are really cool, but when I get my tattoo on my 70th birthday that says "Who are you judging, you judgmental motherfucker?," I will certainly be careful to make sure that I don't get a penis on my back instead. Although right now for a variety of reasons I am in a pissy enough mood that I can empathize.