>Oh sure he looks cute and harmless just sitting on the couch, but moments after this photo was snapped, I caught Tycho gnawing on Duct Tape Suzanne's ass! Repairs needed to be made as a result. Bad rabbit!

*Back when I wrote the crappy sex column in NYU’s student newspaper, there was an even crappier column that the editor in chief wrote that, for all intents and purposes, was a gay sex column, which would have been fine if he was upfront about what it was, but he insisted what he wrote was “news.” Anyway, one day his column included something about butt licking, which he called “felching” and helpful defined for those clueless others out there as “eating ass.” A search on the always graphically informative site Urban Dictionary led me to understand that “eating ass” is a very tame definition of felching. Tycho does not meet Urban Dictionary’s higher standards, thankfully.