>As some of you may know, Hanukkah begins at sundown tomorrow and my birthday is not even two weeks away from today. (I’ll be 31 on Dec. 27. As my friend Jen reminded me, “31 is special indeed. It is a prime number! Wasn't 17 awesome? Didn't it only make you excited for 19? And I bet 23 rocked.” I love it.) I received a few inquiries thus far as to what I might like to receive for these occasions. Sadly, the things that I really want are not givable:
- a writing career
- a teaching job for Sister
- to lose 10 pounds
- to not have elevated insulin resistance thanks to my cyst-ridden ovaries which are condemning me to a life devoid of baked goods, which I most adore

Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with everything I have. Still, here’s a mini list of ideas in case you really are compelled to give me something (and you shouldn’t be):

- anything from the Bad Ass line of products that Impossible Jane’s boyfriend designed. Nothing cracks me up like items featuring a beaver, donkey, cat, and rooster, all together.

- You can also buy some CUSS gear, which I do not make money from (long story), and then when and if I see you wearing it, I'll be really really really excited and it will be the best present ever!

-Make a donation to an organization battling for reproductive freedom, such as:
the National Network of Abortion Funds, which works with small funds around the country to help low income women pay for abortions; the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), which fights to keep abortion and birth control legal (yes, there are powerful assholes out there trying to make birth control completely inaccessible); or the Haven Coalition, a group of which I help direct that provides shelter in volunteers’ homes for low income women forced to travel to New York to exercise their legal right to an abortion.

No need to really do any of this. You can just keep reading CUSS and it will make me super happy. I saying it just in case…