>I swear there is a five o’clock shadow on Ms. Spears’s snatch. Stubble is one of the reasons I fear razors and wax. Forget crotches – I’m talking about legs and pits here. That shit itches as it grows back. It’s bad enough scratch, scratch, scratching your legs all day. Who wants to dig into the Fertile Crescent as it sprouts a new crop of hair?

Some men know what I’m talking about. Thanks to KidKate for the link to back, crack, and sack. Once again, UrbanDictionary.com comes through, providing edification to me and the rest of the masses. Those guys who don’t know the agony of back, crack, and sack but expect their ladies to undergo slit and slat (OK, I just made that term up, but it is slaying me) are unworthy of any poonanie.