>In order to create the Victoria’s Secret Model Suzanne, I will wear a form-fitting t-shirt and biking shorts or leggings, then be wrapped in duct tape. After three layers are applied, Husband or whoever helps me with my project will cut through the tape and clothes in the back, then I’ll tape it back together and stuff the form. Viola!

While rummaging through my pajama drawer for a reject t-shirt I could use for my exciting project, I found the perfect sacrificial lamb. As you may recall, after I cam back from the BlogHer conference at the end of July, I wrote a long rant about why I hated Elexa condoms. I recanted my beefs about the condoms themselves after being schooled by a more knowledgeable source on what the deal really is with them, but I remain irked that the t-shirts that they gave out during BlogHer were so tiny. Only someone with the figure of a Victoria’s Secret model could wear that shirt and look decent.

Click! The light bulb went on when I found the shirt buried in my drawer. It is very tight on me and perfect for making a body double cast that clearly shows my gut. So exciting! Now I just need a pair of bike shorts or stretch pants to cast my undergut and thunder thighs.