>Since my trip to Pittsburgh was not even a full 48 hours long, I think an equally quick recap is acceptable. I met up with my friend The Sauce. We have been friends for nearly 22 years now, and she is studying at Carnegie Melon University these days. (Last year around this time, I went to visit her in the Dominican Republic, which was fantastic. See the archives for December 2005 if you want to view the pictures and read about my insane adventure on a mountain in the back of a pickup truck with a cactus rolling around, perilously near Husband's crotch. Good times!)

Recently "actress" Siena Miller caused an uproar after filming a movie in Pittsburgh by referring to it as Shitsburgh. Siena Miller is not only a husband stealer, but she is also terrible at judging cities. Pittsburgh is really nice. We mostly wandered around, which I love.It is interesting and there seems to be a nice amount of culture there. Two days was enough to get an overview of it, but I look forward to going back to visit the Sauce and see more of the city again. I also hope to find my old college colleague Paul Snatchko next time I am there. Not because I actually want to see him, but just because I like saying "Snatchko" and he lives around there and is a failed Republican politician. ("Snatchko" is not a good name for politics, is it?)

Coming back to New York City removed all of my love for JetBlue, though. It seems that the people responsible for connecting the gate to the plane were too busy using the free wifi to do their jobs, leaving us stranded on the plane for 30 minutes. I was very crabby.