>My delightful, wonderful, awesome friend Mara, who is 9 months pregnant, braved the Christmas crowds to take a photo of an incredibly offensive poster from my pals at PETA:Mara said it best in her email to me:

We love the fact that PETA thought to illustrate the fact that the only thing worse than killing poor little animals to appease the fashion gods is having an unshaved snatch. I guess that makes all of your disciples no better than those people who club little baby seals to death, or eat tuna that is not dolphin friendly. . . . .

You may note from the photo that I took the liberty of prying part of the poster from the wall so that the whole text was easily seen in the photo. I am not a fan of PETA. While I am all for having conviction in your beliefs, I am also for having respect for other people’s beliefs, and not doing things as nutty as, say, sending women dressed in lettuce bikinis to conservative Muslim countries to try and endorse the eating of vegetables, or dancing on the graves of people you do not like.

I am not surprised either that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) would engage in using such ridiculous image and offensive tag line, as they often do these kind of things. (The most recent issue of Bitch magazine had a very good article on this exact topic.) I have long loathed their sanctimonious asses. They LOVE saving innocent non-human animals from exploitation while sexualizing and exploiting human woman animals, who incidentally, are naturally hairy. Can you imagine them advocating for a sheep in a bikini to be shorn? Nope, that would be an outrage against nature! Glad that us homo sapien ladies have fewer rights than sheep when it comes to a wooly coat.