>It is not yet 7:30 am, and I have already been on two subways, one monorail, and a shuttle bus. The gate from which my flight to Pittsburgh departs is in a construction site, no exaggeration. It is bizarre.

However, I just learned that JetBlue offers free wifi. It is my new favorite airline, even if I have 125,000 frequent flier miles on American with another 15,000 to be accumulated by the end of January. Quite frankly, those additional 15,000 are courtesy of JetBlue, too, in a roundabout way. JetBlue is beginning service to O'Hare in January, so American has to bribe people with bonus miles and cheap flights to retain them.

I may get ridiculous amounts of miles, upgrades, and free flights on American, but do they have free wifi? No, they do not. (OK, I am not permanently switching allegiances any time soon, but this free wifi is really warming my little heart in these wee morning hours.)