>I wanted to post a hilarious picture of a back massager that my mom received from another teacher at her school for a holiday gift, but Husband seems to have misplaced the camera. The picture remains in the digital brains of the camera, so withouth it, I am shit out of luck. If an uproarious picture is taken and the camera is lost before anyone can see it and laugh, does it exist? How existential.

Today I am fortunate enough to be spending my day with the super talented Dianne (if you have a kid and live on the east coast, you need to hire her to paint a mural in your kid's room - seriously) and her precocious and entertaining 5 year old daughter. We are going to look at holiday decorations. I am excited, although just thinking about the adventures to be had is making me a tad bit tired.

Also, I am going to my flaming gay dentist who also takes care of John Waters and a good portion of the staff at a non-profit organization that I worked at six years ago. I like him a lot, but he does a terrible job filling cavaties. Happily, I don't get that many any more, but I think one of my existing fillings is falling out, so I am rather displeased. At least he is not unscrupulous. Sister's Husband and Dr. P were both badly abused by dentists who drilled out all of their teeth, despite a suspicious lack of cavaties, when they were kids. Just thinking about that enrages me.