>Last night was the first night of Hannukkah. My previous post indicating that we would screw a lightbulb into our electric menorah was inaccurate because I forgot that it broke a few years ago. Also, we went to have dinner at the home of a friend who is a real Jew, so we lit real candles and said real prayers. OK, more like we had no idea what two of the real prayers were, so we just repeated them after her. (Note: it was also Shabbat last night, so an extra prayer was required.) It was fun.

My real gift was the James Bond movie, though, which really was a gift because my friend Dr. F sent me an overly generous gift card for my birthday. (I owe you, Dr. F!!! You better let me do something nice for you soon.) HOLY SHIT is Daniel Craig hot in that. The whole movie was excellent. The only minor problem is that my friend made a non-traditional Hannukkah meal of cornbread pie with black beans. Thanks to Husband, I had to watch some of the movie through a mushroom cloud of stink. Husband is my hero, though. He is maybe not built quite as much as Craig, but he's got blue eyes, is strong, and is my hero.

When we arrived home around 2:30 am, it was time to exchange gifts. I gave husband an new neon pizza sign to replace the one that I bought him a few years ago and then accidentally broke when our floor was being redone. (Long, very sad story.) He gave me a giant beaver! It is very furry and stokable. I named it Cussie, and she will be the official mascot of CUSS. Photos to follow.

All in all, a wonderful night. Today I am going shopping with Des, then later to an Elton John sing along, which I am very excited about. It is organizaed by a group called Loser's Lounge, and they do really incredible productions. I've also been to their Queen and Blondie. v. the Pretenders tributes. Good stuff.

Happy Hannukkah or Saturday to everyone!