>I, Asshole has the best links ever. I found the pictures of Britney's bare beaver through SJ, and now, she has a link to a stripper chat group or whatever they call those sites where people register and start threads and share their thoughts on a subject. Normally, I'd probably not be interested in such a site, but SJ tantalized me by noting that strippers fart on their customers. How I love the idea of some desperate horny guy practically coming in his pants while someone literally blows hot air in his face. Now that is some funny shit.

My favorite of the comments on farting while stripping is this:

When guys used to ask me what the rules were, this was the usual dialogue...

Customer: "What happens if I touch your pussy?"
Me: "I slap you in the face."
Customer: "What happens if I touch your breasts?"
Me: "I slap you in the face"
Customer: "I guess if I touch your ass, you'll slap me in the face"
Me: "No, I'll fart on your hand first"

That woman is brilliant.