>Back in November, I summarized or reprinted in whole the five letters to the editor that Metro New York printed in response to my article calling for more, but better quality, porn. One of those letters was from a bloke named Steve Holt. Well, Steve has a Christian blog, Harvest Boston. And he blogged that my column disturbed him so much that he felt compelled to write his letter to the editor. This led to a many, many comments involving scriptural quoting and debating. Mostly, I found this debate tedious, and yet it amused me that it happened because of little old me.

Yet some things never change. On her [now defunct] MySpace blog, [Anonymous Former Blogger] says some very nasty things about me. Here's a favorite line of vitriol: "Save your Gender Studies dissertation paper for your collegiates instead of the Metro, because the truth of the matter is that we would like a reform in pornography as much as anyone." Not that I ever argued that other feminist who are against porn are frigid bitches or anything, but I can see how my little essay touched a raw clit, I mean, nerve. People sure read a lot of their own issues between the lines.

There I go, pissing off feminists and Christians alike. It's sort of delightful what strange bedfellows they make. Wouldn't that be a hot porn movie plot - scripture-spouting Christian and scripture-spouting feminist meet at an anti-porn rally, can't deny their chemistry, and have passionate sex?