>Once, a few years ago, when I was bored during an all staff conference call at work, I decided to test my theory that if I was forced to eat foods only beginning with one letter for the rest of my life, that "C" is the best letter to select. (Examples: cookies, cake, chocolate, cherries, cheese, crackers...) The second best is "S," but that's another story.

Anyway, over at BlogHer, where I blog about Feminism & Gender twice a week, I opened up a ginormous can of worms with a seemingly innocuous post about whether there are any medical benefits to circumcision. I think there is evidence either way. Circumcision is interesting to me because while I generally am averse to major body modification for beauty purposes (ie - breast implants, liposuction), I personally prefer foreskinless dicks. (Not that I have so much experience handling penises...)

Some of the comments on that post likened circumcision to female genital cutting or mutilation, but I think that is overstating the effect of circumcision. If done properly (and the main risk is that it will get fucked up and was not necessarily needed in the first place), men seem to function fine after circumcision. If it really prevented men from enjoying sex, the entire Jewish population would basically have vanished centuries ago, as men could not have orgasms and impregnate their Jewish pussies. (Ha! Like how I sneaked in "Jewish pussy?") Incidentally, I was once accused of being anti-Semetic on BlogHer by someone who didn't like that I said that Israel was not perfect. If my accuser wants to see things that really verge on anti-Semetic, I suggest she read the nasty comments I got when writing about my cultural preference for circumcised dick.

Female genital cutting/mutilation, on the other hand, really destroys women's genitals, leading to pain, no ability to enjoy sex, and sometimes even death during child birth. It's like comparing getting a babies' ears pierced to lobbing off her entire ear. Not the same consequences at all.

My newest controversy involved a c-word is about c-sections, although I don't see why what I wrote is controversial at all. C-sections are serious surgeries and should not be taken lightly. Anyone who ever had to have one knows that. There are some brave women who shared their experiences with birth and c-sections who prove my point. Check it out.