>I was so busy finishing the duct tape Suzanne this week and then buying* all those fancy ridiculous lingerie items for her big fashion show last night and then staging the show and posting the pictures that I did not have a chance to mention that I was randomly chosen by Fussy for a National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) prize! I selected the fabulous beaver t-shirt picture at the left. How awesome is it that the amazing, talented and popular Mrs. Kennedy (sponsor of NaBloPoMo) supports fuzzy beavers? Swoon!

To be honest, more valuable to me than the prize is that the announcement of the prize provides a link on Fussy to CUSS. As a result, many people who probably otherwise not stop by CUSS are taking a deep breath, trusting Mrs. Kennedy to not lead them to a complete psycho, and clicking on the link. This is very cool.

So thanks for the beaver shirt and for the credibility, Mrs. K! It means a lot to me. (Bah! I'm choking up now.)

*All the fine lingerie will be returned, unworn (at least by a flesh person), to Victoria's Secret tomorrow. I do not feel guilty because this is how celebrities do it when they wear fancy shit to red carpet events.