>So I found this comment about Victoria's Secret in my email today:

They're just doing their job, they were hired to wear the stuff and I bet if you had their bodies and you were hired to be an angel I'm sure you would. Im sure you would strut their stuff down that runway with the rest fo them. So please back off victoria secrets. Its not their problem that you can't stay in shape

Actually, I am in decent shape. However, like 99% of women, I am not six feet tall. And if I were six feet tall, I would, like most women, probably weigh more than 115 pounds. Even if I were, I am not sure that "lingerie model" is a good profession for me. For one, it seems to require lots of waxing. A bit more reading of the "Campaign for Unshaved Snatch" might indicate that I am not so into that, which would be a major obstacle to a modeling career.

My point about Victoria's Secret is that although I am in fact in decent shape and overall very average sized (meaning: there's some junk in my trunk, like most women), the underwear does not look nearly as flattering on me because it is not made for real women to model. We all have a bit of flab. I realize that most men (and many women) don't want to see underwear on real women with acutal bodies, but I can still complain about the unrealistic expectations that are out there. It's funny how sensative people are when I protest the unattainable standards all women are measured against. Have a cupcake and relax. Yeesh.

Thanks for your (lack of) insight, though, Anonymous!