>Thursday was both exciting and a bummer. I was fortunate enough to get another article in Metro New York, so that was awesome. (It's about porn and is a much improved version of something I wrote 11 years ago. Much.) Someone cool contacted me through MySpace, which was also great. Someone vaguely creepy sent me an email through CUSS:

Hello. Are yo [sic] the same Suzanne Reisman who wrote the column in today's Metro? If so, nice job! And may I ask you a few questions about it, please? I'm asking first so that I don't send a bunch of dirty words to someone who won't appreciate them. Thanks.

No, don't send me a bunch of dirty words. I promise that I will not appreciate them, either. (Note to family and friends: I am not worried about being stalked. Yet.) I am looking forward to seeing if anyone sends any letter to the editor at Metro about my column.

On the downside, I had two rejections for other articles. One was a rejection by neglect from the New York Times for an op-ed that I carefully crafted about fixing the child care system. They say if you don't hear from them in a week, you can move on. Well, it's been about a week (I sent it last Friday at 3 pm or so) and no word. Feh.

The other is another rejection on what I consider my comedy of errors masterpiece about my breast reduction surgery. So it goes.

On the plus side, I am making very good progress on another article. If all goes well, that will appear online at the end of November. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Also, my mom left a comment on a previous post that is busting me up. I will have to use the phrase "whim-wham" from now on. Brilliant. Like mother, like daughter.