>Korean BBQ is only good going down. I learned this in the wee hours this morning when my dinner, after sitting in my stomach for 6 hours, decided that it no longer wanted to hang around there. The only thing that sucks worse than Korean BBQ coming out the way it went in is when one hurls so hard it comes out one’s nose as well. Not cool. How the hell do bulimics do that all the time?

Before I had and lost my yummy dinner, Husband, Sister, Sister’s Husband, and I saw a fantastic improve show at Upright Citizens Brigade. Amy Poehler (she of the fine anti-waxed snatch comments in BUST magazine a few months ago) was part of it. A few other people from Saturday Night Live also performed. I realized that both Steph and the Big O have bright futures as monologists. Unfortunately, there was no chance to give Amy a CUSS sticker.

Anyway, I hope to enjoy the last seven hours that Sister and Sister’s Husband will be here. I can’t believe that the weekend is over already. Actually, I can’t believe that November is pretty much done, and that the year will be out in a mere few more weeks.