>There is one thing I hate more than being called Mrs. Husband. My name is Suzanne. When I introduce myself, I clearly state this. “Hi, I am SuzANNE,” I say. Not infrequently, the person I just gave my name to responds, “Hello Susan. Nice to meet you.” It must not be nice to meet me, as you are obviously speaking with someone else. Usually, I just restate my actual name and then the person is embarrassed and apologizes and all is fine from then on.

However, if I send you an email in response to a request like this:

I need responses from both men and women on the topic of bikini waxes. Guys: Do you prefer when a woman has her bikini area waxed (Brazilian wax, a topiary wax, etc.) or do you prefer "the natural look"? Or, does it just not matter? Ladies: Do you bikini wax? Why or why not? Is the pain worth the payoff? This is for Lavalife, a leading international dating site with more than 9 million members. This column also runs on MSN Canada.

I expect that you will get my name right. I sent it to you in print. It’s not like you can’t just copy and paste it.

While I am tickled pink that Lisa Daily found my insight on bikini waxing to be entertaining and used much of what I sent (score!), and even better, was kind enough to even put the CUSS URL in her piece on body hair for her Lavalife column (very much appreciated!), I am decidedly displeased that I am credited as “Susan Reisman.” That’s just sloppiness. Harumph. Although really, I so am happy that the CUSS URL is in the piece that it is forgiven.

But for future note, please do not call me Susan. Muchas gracias.

*Was American Pie not a shockingly great movie? Forget the sequels. The first was great.