>I voted this afternoon, although there is nothing particularly exciting about the election here in New York City. On the other hand, Plan B did hit pharmacy shelves so that as of today, women can buy them without a prescription. It's sort of symbolic of what might happen with the election results - abort 'em!

Just kidding. Not about the assholes who make our national laws these days, of course. We really do need to get rid of them, although I really don't want a big victory for Democrats. Like an unwanted pregnancy, there is no good solution for the situation the US finds itself in these days. Since there is not way to fix Iraq, the deficit, security, etc, I don't want this hanging over the Democrats' heads in 2008. Not that Dems are not partly to blame for the mess, as most of them went along like sheep (my friend Mara calls such people "sheeple" - love that), but the Republicans deserve to really baste in the juices that they so eagerly squirting into the roasting pan.

And I didn't even mean that in a perverse way.