>OK, so I generally am repulsed by couples with huge age differences, especially because they tend to consist of young, plastically attractive women and much older men who are usually wealthy but gross. It's all about the valuing women for their looks and men for their status, which of course, is a dichotomy that I abhor. The thought of knocking boots with someone old enough to be my parent or worse, grandparent, is nasty! (And don't tell me about if you happen to be one of those people whose "true love" is 32 years older than you. Good for you for finding love. There is definitely not enough in the world, I agree. But it still grosses me out, daddy-fucker, so spare me the story.)

Anyway, yesterday I was huffing and puffing on the treadmill when I became engrossed in the closed caption presentation that was on one of the TVs in the gym of 3000 Miles to Graceland, a horrendously good movie starring Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell as Elvis impersonators (sort of, it’s more complicated than that) who rob a casino and the double crosses and high jinks that follow. The plot makes no sense, and there is way too much killing of random people (all by Costner), but damn if it isn’t fun. I wound up changing my running time from 20 to 55 minutes so that I could keep watching, which was good as I am getting really damn flabby and need the exercise.

What really drew me into the film, though, was how fucking hot Kurt Russell is.

Damn! Yes, he’s definitely old enough to be my dad (gross), and he’s a libertarian (harrumph), but it’s not like I’m going to pursue him. I’ll just pretend that I am above the age of 50 and don’t think that rich people need to pay their fair share of taxes to maintain a just society. Then I can drool away. Tasty.

PS - Dennis Quaid also falls into this category.