>Two big surprises were sprung on me yesterday. Alex and I planned to meet Husband, Rebecca, and Rebecca’s Friend (RF) for lunch. Then I needed to dash over to a doctor’s appointment. Alex and I waited and waited for our lunch dates to show, and when they finally did, I could not believe who came with them – Sister and Sister’s Husband!!! I was so excited, and all choked up when I saw them and hugged them up! Husband, Sister, Sister’s Husband, and about five other people (Mom, Dad, Brother-in-Law, Rebecca, and RF) conspired to get them here and surprise me. It was great!!! They’ll be visiting until Monday evening.

My second surprise was significantly less pleasant. Since my test for early menopause came back totally normal, the doctor decided to send me to a reproductive endocrinologist. The consultation was this afternoon, and I figured that I’d just be chatting the doc in his office and then getting some blood work done. After waiting an hour to see this expert, I was furious. After several surly answers to the good doc’s questions, he told me to go into the exam room. What? I had no plans to take my pants off that day. Good thing I showered in the morning.

Anyway, next thing I knew, a magic wand was shoved up my whim-wham. He poked at me. “You’re not that hairy,” he said matter-of-factly. (A symptom of polycystic ovarion syndrome is hirsutism.) Um, thanks. Perhaps I should have given him a CUSS sticker. A few minutes later, “Wow, you’ve got tons of cysts,” he exclaimed. I then started to like him because he let me look at the screen that showed my innards. I love seeing my innards.

So there it is. The happy unexpected surprise of Sister and Sister’s Husband visiting for the weekend and the strange surprise of actually having one of my mysterious ailments conclusively diagnosed. Happy Thanksgiving!