>I don’t know whether to cry or celebrate, but I did a Google search on unshaved snatch and CUSS is the very first site that appears. Seriously, I outrank the porn sites...

Anyway, for Wednesday Search Term Wackiness, my favorite wacky search term from the last few days that brought someone to this fine site is: granny’s squirting. Was my Floridian friend actually looking for a specific granny who is squirting, as his/her punctuation would indicate, or did he/she really seek multiple grannies who squirt? I think that the odds of women squirting decrease with age, as menopause can dry things up in the old honey hole, so I am curious how “granny” is defined. (I hate when women in their 40s are described as “grannies,” although it is of course biologically possible that they are actual grandmothers.)

Or maybe I am completely misunderstanding the nature of the information sought, and the searcher was looking for grannies with water guns, and I don’t mean hermaphrodite older women, although that would be a rather interesting topic.