>PS – Runners up for this week are:

  • rubbing dick against her pantyhose on the subway - Can I just say, EWWWWW!
  • ”whipped cream” snatch - Sounds like an interesting sculpture, doesn’t it? Steph had a friend in college who used to create ice cream vaginas out of soft serve. Just saying.
  • stuffing balloons in vagina - I hope not ones that are filled with helium, as I would hate for any woman to be lifted afloat by her crotch. Also, I would not put it past this searcher to try and ingest the helium while it is in the cootch.
  • cootie catcher template wedding - What the fuck? I hope it was a fun reception.
  • bumpy rash on shaved twat - I believe I will now refer to my enemies as “bumpy rashes on shaved twat”
  • "jewish pussy" - An old favorite search term of mine, I still wonder how the searcher can be sure that he/she is really seeing Jewish pussy. I’m fairly sure that Jewish pussy looks like other pussy. Remember, our horns are on our heads. Yeesh.
  • huge largest titanic titties - Ever heard of overkill? I guess if someone really wants to be sure to get the biggest breast available on the web, you can’t take chances.