Someone arrived at CUSS by googling soft-serve vagina. I had written about Steph's friend in college who sculpted realistic female genitals out of bowls of soft-serve ice cream in the Weinstein dining hall. Tracing the link back, however, brought me to the wild land known as Urban You can learn a lot from this website, especially if you can handle extremely offensive things with a good sense of humor. If you are related to me, I highly recommend that you do not follow these links. You will be mad at me. A repulsive term that is literally not funny at all is "soft jacob". This was the first term that came up in my anonymous searcher's quest for soft-serve vagina. (And I am not exaggerating its foulness. If you are easily grossed out, skip to the next term, which if offensive, misogynist, violent, and hateful, but also funny in the same way Borat is, but a bit more offensively.)

Rebecca, Elle, and I spent a good 30 minutes laughing hysterically out of shock and horror at definitions of the word "donkey punch". Derivations of the term "donky punch" provided extra fits of laughter, as did the hideous definitions of "pink sock".

Anyway, is a great way to kill time when you are bored, want to find another reason to hate people, and/or are about to participate in a contest to see how can come up with the most outrageous insults hurled at others. Eric Keroack would decidely not approve.