>If you are here to see my glorious, utterrly unbiased reviews of NaBloPoMo blogs that begin with the letter I, I'm half-way there. Meaning: It is not too late to try and bribe me. NO! I am just kidding. Anyway, I hope to have the review up and running before midnight EST tonight, but no promises. The rest of my life is getting in the way.

Which brings me to another topic for the regular CUSS readers. I went to visit a friend this afternoon who had a c-section on Monday. This is clearly a case where I give shaved snatch a double thumbs up. More importantly, Friend and Baby were doing very well.

Friend told me that the doctor comes by regularly to check in her discharge. She also exlained that her boobs suddenly became enormous and hard when the milk came in yesterday. I explained that is reason 455 that I do not plan to have kiddies. It's very nice for most, but every time a friend has a kid I think about how little interest I have in birthing up (or adopting) one of my own. So much work and pain! It tires me just to think about it.

Which brings me to yet another topic. I received my test results yesterday and it seems that everything is "normal." If someone wants to explain to me why I haven't menstruated without the aid of pharmacological products since I was 17, I'm all ears. Otherwise, I am off to see the third reproductive endocrinologist in 10 years. Whoopdedoo. I may not want kids, but it will be nice to one day know why shit don't work. Thinking of this makes me tired, too.

Off to unpack the ungodly number of new dishes we received today for our Thanksgiving extravaganza, then to a series of short cartoons by Jewish cartoonists, followed by my favorite pizza, Two Boots! (And after I am full of pizza, I promise the I's...)