>A few weeks ago, my friend Minnie mentioned that she went to a beauty supply store to buy some hair dye and was surprised to find pubic hair dye. My initial reaction was to wonder where I could find such a product to make fun of it. I reserve the right to a second opinion, and hereby invoke that right.

Yesterday, Min Jung Kim wrote about pube dye at BlogHer, and I decided that it is a good thing. Sure, it is silly as hell. But at least there is an assumption that you freaking have pubic hair in the first place. This is a good thing.

It seems that Husband knew people in college who were well ahead of the times, as he was friendly with one couple who used Manic Panic to dye the little head ‘fros violet to go with NYU’s school colors. I’m not sure why anyone would want to show their love of NYU (aka “The Evil Empire”) on their genitals, but whatever. Wacky college kids!

In a very tangentially related note, dying ones pubes blue for no reason at all reminds me that Husband knows someone who has his $250,000 Italian sports car custom colored to match the tapestries in his home. The compulsion to match crosses all socio-economic groups. Isn’t it nice to find common ground?