>Sorry, but I'm going to have to bring the I's on tomorrow with the J's. I had the best intentions, but first I got into a rumble at the Jewish cartoon film festival I attended, which wore me down. Basically I brought a bag of popcorn that made a lot of noise when I opened it, so the woman in front of me rightfully gave me a dirty look. I tried to open it again, hoping that I could muffle the noise with my coat, but was greeting instead with another glare. Right after that, though, the bitch started talking to her friend while the 'toon unspooled. Dude, don't fucking complain to me about making noise and then chat your friend up! So I opened the bag a final time and the whore turned around and asked me if I couldn't wait to do that until the break. To which I replied, "Well, it's not like you are not talking or anything like that. Geez!" She had the good sense to turn around quickly and shut the fuck up for the rest of the evening, while I munched the popcorn I bought at the wacky vegan 7th Day Adventist cafeteria.

Anyway, after all that my friend asked me to help her move her couch to the curb so that there would not be any issues when her new one arrives tomorrow. I forgot it is a sofa bed. Damn, that shit is heavy.

So I am too tired to finish up the I's, and I may lie to the public, but I am still above the unethical Republicans in that I will not be bribed!