>While the “I”s had it, I also enjoyed the Js. First of all, there was 30 less blogs beginning with J, which made me less stressed. Also, the J bloggers are busy people outside of the blogosphere, so there were not as many posts to plow through, leaving me with more time to savor things. The J bloggers are also a slightly more diverse group, as it had more men included than the Hs or Is.

Despite all the good things, I discovered a third pet peeve. (Quick recap of other two: 1. yellow font that is hard to read; 2. links to “here” or “this.”) Yellow font may give me a headache, but I will not even bother trying to read white font on a pastel or patterned background. People! You kill me!

That said, here’s the stats for the I blogs:

  • 35% are out of the running (If a person posted daily through Nov. 9, I gave credit. Again, too many people with lives!)
  • 67% are about random things that happen to people in the course of every day life, stories, and other things that pop into people’s minds as they blog
  • 21% are mommy/parenting blogs (two were group blogs by both parents)
  • 14% seem to be about the arts (photography, painting, etc.), writing, or crafts (knitting, sewing)
  • 2% seemed to have a food focus
  • 6% focused on other things, such as politics or exercise and dieting

(These add up to more than 100% since blogs often cover more than one topic.)

For a good read, log onto Jester Tunes, unless you are easily offended. I was hooked the second the page opened and I saw a cartoon jester making rude comments about someone’s dick size. Then I read the toilet phobia post. To quote Borat, another master of offensive hilarity (and whom for no apparent reason I lately seem to keep calling Barak - as in Barak Obama, who is nothing like Borat from what I can tell), “Eees verrry nice.”

Jabbering in My Jammies is a wonderful writer. Her Nov. 10 post on coupons and refunds made me think very fondly of my mother-in-law. Both are very thoughtful and practical women.

What caught my attention about The Jake Silver Show is that the blog was nothing like I expected. First, his Nov. 1 post to his wife was super touching. Second, despite being in the military, he’s a Democrat. Third, he somehow has posts from the future (there’s one from Nov. 15, although today is Nov. 10). Also, the guy blogs more often than I do, which is an impressive feat. I like people who remind me that sometimes I am a biased idiot.

A blog that lives up to its name is Jason’s House of Random Stuff. Yes, it is indeed random. Random is good, especially when copious amounts of snark are involved.

If you just want great writing on a variety of topics, Just Another Day could be just what you seek. Nice and amusing stuff about life lessons, and it’s been around for a few years, which is great.

More good writing can be found at Just Sayin’. It’s chock full of thoughtful ruminations on the past and present, and provides recipes, as well as movie reviews. Sort of like a one-stop shop for topics.

Thank you, J. We had some great times, but I must move on with life, and I’m leaving you for K. Stay tuned…