>Yes, I’m late today. How the hell did it get to be after 11 am so quickly? Sure, I woke up late, feeling sick (ate too much good – i.e. fatty – food again this weekend; crapping out of brains commenced). Ate breakfast. Wrangled a piece for BlogHer that I’ve been puzzling over for about a week now. More crapping. Everything these days is at least a double-flusher. Meaning: must flush contents of toilet before any toilet paper can be thrown in, for fear of massive clog. Second flush is all the dirty paper, and sometimes additional paper flushes are required. Again, the goal is avoid any stoppage.

Yesterday I discovered a creepy bruise on my nose. I have no idea where it came from, but I am extremely self-conscious about it. Brother-in-Law (BiL) did not make me feel better last night when he said, “Oh, that’s a bruise? I thought it was a huge zit.” Thanks. He also screamed in horror in when I rolled up my pants leg to show off a non-creepy bruise I have near my left knee, courtesy of stopping a couch from crashing down some stairs on Thursday night when I helped my friend chuck her to the curb like a skeezy boyfriend. It seems that my lack of leg shaving is a source of nightmares for some. Harumph. You be the judge:
Zit, bad hairstyle, or both?
Scariest leg you've ever seen, nice wood floor, or both?