It seems that the Holy Grail of old lady underwear is easily purchasable online at FreshPair.com. Who knew? Also, my friend Dr. F (damn, I know a lot of people in the medical profession - a vagina doctor, an ass surgeon, and a dentist - who focus on body openings) sent me an email and said that her mom wears Lollipop underwear also. My mom was pleased when I told her that I found her Lollipos at Macy's yesterday.

Don't they sound like edible undies? Like you should be licking them or something? Either that, or the name strikes me as pedophalic (if that's is even a word). Why would you name women's underwear after a lickable/suckable candy given to children? Just curious. As for FreshPair.com, that also sounds rather perverse. They better damn well be "fresh" as opposed to "smelly" or "dirty" when I buy new underwear. I guess you need to spell things out in the wild and lawless world of virtual shopping.