>It is almost 2:30 am. In performing my final reviewer duties (heh heh - I said doody; OK, this joke works much better verbally, but whatever)for NaBloPoMo, I read 34 of the 107 blogs that begin with the letter L thus far. Now I must sleep.

However, before I get some shut eye, I want to point out to L-related things. First, two guys in my magazine pitch class told me that they initially thought I was a lesbian because I am so outspoken. (Clearly they missed my prior post on my cock eating habits.) I suspect it is really because of my short hair. After all, the first time the Sauce (my friend since I was 9 years old), practically the first thing out of her mouth was, "You look butch." Lesbian or not, I am certainly loud and proud.

In other L news that amuses me to no end, someone in Dubai did a google search on the term i need some lingerie that shows my vagina. It seems that CUSS could not deliver the goods, as the seeker of such an item spent about a second here. On the other hand, I made a strange lingerie discovery when I tried to wear a new pair of Hanes cotton hipster undies today. Photographic questionnaire to follow later because I need help understanding what went wrong. (Fortunately, not a photo of me in said undies, although such a photo would possibly bring on fits of laughter, andother fine word brought to you by the letter L.) Ooooh, a cliff-hanger!

Remember when I promised a long time ago not to post things while I was tired because the things I find amusing when I am falling asleep are not so hilarious in the harsh light of day? I should adhere to that now, although "i need some lingerie that shows my vagina" is damn funny no matter what time of day I read the phrase.