I am thankful for:

1. A strong flushing toilet.

2. Blogging and email.

3. My short physical stature.

4. I have heat on cold days.

5. Ideas come easily to me.


1. Due to some building design flaw, our toilet sometimes erupts like Mt. Etna. If we didn’t keep the lid down, it would be more like Mt. Vesuvius covering Pompeii, albeit with (thankfully) clean water.

2. Addiction. Withdrawal when internet is not available. Shaking. It hurts when a fix is not available, or worse, I have not received any new email or comments.

3. Shortness is due to a lack of torso. Do your ribs end at your hips? I didn’t think so. There’s something to be said for proportionality.

4. There are two types of landlords in New York City. Slumlords are evil, cheap bastards who provide no heat at all. Other landlords fear elderly tenants constantly bitching and moaning about being cold, so they pump the heat up to about 4,000 degrees. The ensuing desert-like conditions make my sinuses angry. Air is hard to inhale through the dried blood and snot clots that fill my nose.

5. The best ideas pop into my head just as I am falling asleep, then I am up all night writing.