>Yesterday during the height of the evening rush hour, my undies suddenly felt wet as I stepped onto the subway amidst a crowd of Wall Street suits. “What the fuck?” I thought. “Did I just pee myself? The last thing I need right now is mysterious incontinence.” It didn’t seem like I peed myself, though, as my bladder was not full.

This “suddenly wet” sensation has happened before. The first time I held my friend Elli’s older son (at which point he was her only son), I was sitting on the couch and suddenly the sides of my thighs felt warm and wet toward the back. I pondered whether I peed myself, but it seems that the infant was a very talented urinator, and got his stream arced up over his diaper and into the crack of my legs so that the pee trickled to the back of my thighs but didn’t get the fronts wet, which I would have not believed possible. Talent!

Unfortunately, I was not holding an infant last night, so I either was peed on by a commuting businessman as I entered the subway car (very unpleasant thought) or by myself (even more unpleasant? I’m torn). During the 20 minute ride I tried to focus on finishing the crossword puzzle, but the nasty wet undies bothered me. Only when I exited the subway at my stop and went to run two errands (1. pick up Thanksgiving menu from Italian take-out place that makes amazing stuffing; 2. buy more hard food for Tycho Bunnae) that it dawned on me that my period might cause this.

I rushed home (menus weren’t available yet at the take-out place, incidentally) and sure enough, my white cotton underwear were bloodied up. Damn if that has not happened in eons. I’m seeing to a reproductive endocrinologist on the 22nd, and I’m quite curious what he will think of this.