>Forget my previous concerns about the random obsession people have for no explicable reason for jewish pussy, something I fretted over about 30 minutes ago. No. There is a much more important things that is causing the Campaign for Unshaved Snatch to now freaking out. Do you want a Very Important Lesson on Why Furry Beavers are Good? Follow the link to The Superficial. To help keep the innocent that way, the initial pictures of Britney Spears's completely bare snatch are censored. Click on them individually, though, and - the horror! the horror! A little pubic hair, maybe even dyed with that scary new pube dye that I saw at a store for $20 (!), would have covered up a bit. Even a little landing strip, aka "vagina mustache" - would help here. As it is, I can practically see the last person she fucked. Cringe.

She's clearly not a girl and not yet a woman, based on her nether regions.