>One of the symptoms of PCOS is insulin resistance, so I had to return to the creepy reproductive endocrinologist's office today and take a blood sugar test. This involved fasting after midnight and drawing my blood upon arrival, then drinking a bottle of what tasted like flat orange pop and drawing my blood again in two hours. Fine. I brought a lot of reading.

Why, however, does the doctor's office find it necessary to blast the air conditioning in the waiting room? I sat for two hours in my coat and gloves, sniffling and blowing out giant mucus balls. (I'm sure the other patients - almost all couples - were thrilled with me. This makes me laugh because misery loves company.) By the time I left, I was too sick to investigate the materials I need to buy to make my Victoria's Secret model body double.

However, I am bouyed by the wonderful suggestions that I received so far, as well as Dianne's offer to help. The duct tape idea is brilliant, although my concern is that it will not necessarily properly illustrate my gut hanging over and under the sides of string bikini underwear. As soon as I am feeling better, I will investigate. Cackle cackle. Really, I am so excited.