>About a year ago, I bought a four pack of Hanes women's cotton hipsters. The patterns on two of the four are hideous, and the other two are bright neon, but they fit great, even if the cotton is a bit on the flimsy side. A few weeks ago, I was at Target and decided to invest $5.79 or so into another four pack.

I could not obtain good photo evidence, but you will have to trust me that Hanes seems to believe that both of these pairs of women's cotton hipster underwear are a size 6.An observant individual might notice that the older pair (with the hideous color pattern) fits very well within the new pair (with the hideous black and white pattern), with much room to spare. I wore a pair yesterday anyway, and I needed to tuck the butt in to fit into my jeans. (Theo models both pairs at Theo is America's Next Top Model.)

If someone can explain to me how these are the same size, I would be grateful.