>Don’t you hate those commercials where people randomly tell you that they “didn’t know?” I’m thinking mostly of the one for the cancer drug Procrit, which helps generate new white blood cells for people undergoing chemo (if theire doctors did not tell them that chemo would destroy their immune systems, as they claim to not know in the commercial, then they are either not listening carefully or have extremely bad medical care) and the HPV vaccination. Well, yesterday, I found myself confronted with one of those shocking “I didn’t know” situations.

One of my more disgusting discoveries in recent years is that the best time to use Q-Tips to clean out my ears is right after I have a nice sweaty workout. It seems that the wax gets melted by my increased body temperature. (Gross, right?) So anyway, I walked into the locker room at my gym. As I reached for a Q-Tip, a naked, slightly overweight woman walked by. It as impossible to not see her Brazilian wax, and that’s when “I didn’t know” hit me.

I didn’t know that snatches can look flabby. I suppose I didn’t know that because thus far, either I’ve seen women with full bush or very thin women with Brazilians. But there it was. This woman in the locker room carried a few extra pounds (not unlike myself) and while overall she looked fine, the pube-less cootch struck me because it looked fatter than any other cootie I’d seen up until then.

Again, not that there is anything wrong with a fat snatch. I’m just saying I wouldn’t have even noticed it if she had a bit more pubic hair. This revelation just reaffirmed my decision to stay far away from the waxing salon. No need to add another insecurity into my life. (“Honey, does my snatch look fat today?”)