>I love a good laugh, so I stopped in Saks Fifth Avenue this afternoon on my way home from an appointment. All the other women wandered around the store holding shopping bags from Saks or fancy boutiques; I had a plastic bag from Staples with two rolls of duct tape in it (for my Victoria's Secret body double - work to commence this weekend!). I also had half of a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich on me. I considered eating it as a I poked at the expensive designer clothes, but then decided that would make me no better than the woman I saw who brought her dog with her into Bloomingdale's last month.

Things were all geared up for the Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Plaza later today. (Saks is right across the street from it.) It was kind of fun. I polished off my sandwich as I walked home between blowing more vile thick yellow mucus out of my very angry and raw nose. Call me Rudolph the Red Nosed Jewish White Trash Shopper.