>To keep myself busy with things that don’t pay (thus cementing my kept-woman status), I volunteered to review blogs for National Blog Posting Month. (As a person who is addicted to blogging, I signed for NaBloPoMo as soon as I heard about it. After all, I already blog at least once daily - if only methadone or some other detox pill were available - and there are prizes that can be won! Prizes! Husband loves prizes!) I promise to be on my best behavior as a reviewer. That said, I have one request: please, people, do not fucking post in yellow! Do you know how much squinting I had to do to complete my task?!?!?

Anyway, it is raining and miserable here, and so I read 58 blogs with titles beginning with H this morning while still in my pajamas. A quick breakdown:

  • 38% are out of the running (If a person posted daily through Nov. 7, I gave credit. But it is scary how many people can’t keep up for a mere seven days. What, they have lives or something? Madness!)
  • 46% are about random things that happen to people in the course of every day life, stories, and other things that pop into people’s minds as they blog
  • 26% are mommy/parenting blogs (two were group blogs by both parents)
  • 7% seem to be about the arts (photography, painting, etc.) or crafts (knitting, sewing)
  • 7% seemed to have a food focus
  • 2% are in the student/teacher group (again, that's probably short, it's hard to tell who students are sometimes)
  • 3% were not in English, meaning that my pathetic American-educated brain could not understand what was written
  • 12% focused on other things, such as work support or animals

Hands down, my favorite H blog is HeatEatReview. The find minds and tongues at HeatEatReview are here to help. “Our mission is to eat at work (or school or home), then report back to you on ease of preparation, deliciousness, and bang for the buck of each item.” Isn’t that nice off them? As a lazy New Yorker with limited kitchen skills, this is priceless advice. It is dished out with a great sense of humor, and the template is fantastic. If I learned nothing else during NaBloPoMo, I at least know where to turn when I want to know if I should buy frozen Indian food for dinner. Brilliant!

H is for “honorable” and “hilarious,” and there are many honorable mentions to go around for humorous blogs. The Half Head brought a smile to my face. Two Heathers (stay away from Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, ladies!), Heather Ann and Heather Nicole completely cracked me up. Heather Nicole is utterly irreverent. Love it. How Now, Wit? lives up to its lofty goals as well.

H does not stand for “good writing” or “art,” but whatever. I liked the writing and stories found at Hectic Mom’s Blog, Hollywood Flakes, and Happily Ever After, especially her post on formula feeding her kids. I also like the funky artworks highlighted every day at Hashiworks

Tomorrow's reviews will be brought to you by the letter I.