>In late September, I took my extravagantly expensive new winter coat to my favorite Eastern European tailor on the Upper East Side to have the sleeves shortened so that they no longer engulfed my hands. I figured that as long as I have blown a jillion bucks on a coat, I might as spend another $25 to have it look perfect, or at least not make me appear handless. As always, he did a very nice job.

When I saw him again on Wednesday for yet another I-must-be-on-drugs purchase, we joked about how I wouldn’t be needing the coat for quite some time, as it was 70 degrees that day. Little did we know that it would be in the 30s in Albany last night.

Husband and I drive up in the late afternoon for a meeting that he is attending this morning. Upon our arrival, I was excited to see a Jimmy John sub shop. I ate at this place in downtown Iowa, and found it tasty and amusing. Unfortunately, like everything else (except Quiznos) in downtown Albany at 8 pm, it was closed.

Today the high is supposed to be in the lower 40s. I shall be meeting up with a beloved former co-worker. When I left my prior job for the job that I just ended, I cried because I would not be working with him any more. Also, I hope to go to the New York State Museum, but even up in Albany, I have errands to take care of. Will the madness never end?