>Thanksgiving involved 21 people from 9 different families and enormous amounts of food. Husband and I bought a 10 pound chocolate turkey, of which I will post pictures later. Good times.

During the course of the evening, Dr. H told Sister that she would be on call the next day, then on Saturday was flying to California to visit her sister and would not have time to do laundry. Sister advised her to just wear dirty scrubs on the plane. “At least it’s not the same as wearing my sister’s dirty underwear,” Dr. H replied.

Sister stared at her, and said, “Ewwwww. That’s really gross! Who would do that?” Then Dr. H reminded her of a road trip we took in June 1998. Sister and I shared a duffle bag for the trip, and by the end of the trip, our clothes were mixed together. Half way through the eight hour drive to Chicago from Minneapolis, we stopped at a wacky roadside eatery for lunch. The restaurant had a model train track that ran around the dining room, and a string that was hung high up that a mechanical bear on a unicycle went back and forth on.

Sister went to the bathroom, and when she returned, she had a funny look on her face. She explained that while she was going to the bathroom, she noticed that she was wearing green underwear. But she didn’t own blue underwear, so she figured out that she was wearing my underwear. Inside out. We all laughed. Then after a long pause, I said, “Oh, you said they are blue?” She nodded. “Hmmmm… I think those are dirty.”

Dr. H has a great memory.