>Hungry for lunch, I dialed up Brother-in-Law this afternoon to see if he wanted to meet up for a bite. (That sounds perverted, I know. Definitely not meant in that vein.) When he answered, the noise in the background indicated to me that he was not working from home, as per his usual.

“Hey, wanna get lunch?” I chirped. “Although it sounds like you are out already….” Not waiting for a reply, it hit me. “Oh, wait. It’s Yom Kipur. Sorry about that. You’re fasting aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am at Future-Sister-in-Law’s parents’ house in New Jersey,” he answered crabbily.

Ooops. I wish all of my religiously observant peeps a day of easy fasting, and a lovely break fast dinner. Except for Hasidic clans or other religious zealots. They have a lot of atoning to do, especially the idiots who voted for Bush because “he's good for Israel.” Give me a fucking break.