>In preparation for the 1st anniversary of CUSS on Thursday, I searched the internet for some pictures of “vagina cakes.” Damn, people have some nasty imaginations, as well as limited talent producing baked genitals.

According to Urban Dictionary, a site reference many times at CUSS over the last year, “vagina cakes” is actually slang for “the female of the species one would prefer to have sex with, a pretty face, hot but a bit on the chunky side.” I had no idea. See, you learn something new (and sometimes disturbing) every day!

At Kopp’s Bakery, aka The Erotic Bakery, which specializes in “erotic” cakes, this was my favorite cake:The subtitle: “A vagina cake with a pink center for the tasty pussy you want.” Don’t you love the drops of jizz squirting out of it? I could laugh for days at this, although I’m not sure that I’d actually eat it. (FYI, the yummy snatch concept is also available with pubic hair, but no jizz.) Don’t forget the marzipan ladies with hairy cooches “to lick.” Sample item:

They do ship worldwide, you know. Slightly more, uh, tastefully done vagina cakes can be ordered at The Erotic Bakery

Needless to say, CUSS friends and family will not be celebrating its first anniversary with any of these products. We will mock them mercilessly, though.