>BUST is a feminist rag that I used to read religiously back in the days when it was a quarterly ‘zine. Then one of the founders (Marcelle) had a kid and left, and the remaining woman (Debbie) sold the magazine to some conglomerate, who was supposed to offer it up as a monthly glossy, but basically ran it into the ground instead. That sucked. However, Debbie raised funds and bought BUST back, and began publishing it as a glossy bimonthly. She also changed up the direction of the magazine to offer more info on crafts, fashion, and cosmetics. It was more about embracing your inner girliness. Suddenly, I found BUST not up my alley. I mean, sure, alternative fashion and make-up beats out the shit the mainstream women’s mags hawk, and I do so love crafts, but I’m not that into reading about them. I switched my feminist subscription to the surlier Bitch magazine.

At any rate I read BUST on Friday for the first time in ages just to get a feel for the magazine in case I want to submit any freelance pieces to it in the. And lo and behold, I came across one of the greatest articles ever. , Count Mockula scooped me on this in my comments section last week, but in an interview with the ever fantastic Amy Poehler (ye of Upright Citizens Brigade and Saturday Night Live), a whole discussion about ladies’ bushes emerged as they were discussing the movie Carrie. (Horny folks desperate to see unshaved snatch take note: Amy recommends it for checking out “some full, ‘70s bush.”)

Jill Soloway (ye of Six Feet Under) did the interview, and she asked Amy the very question that I have pondered here at CUSS a few times: “Do you think there’s going to be any kind of bush replacement, if it comes back in style, for people who’ve lasered it off?” To which I answer, of course it will come back in style. Everything comes in circles. Amy brilliantly answered, “I don’t know… women [in Penthouse have] such a small amount of hair, it wouldn’t even qualify as a fake moustache anymore…” She goes on to call Brazilian waxed snatches “vagina mustaches.” Jill describes full bush as “clown wigs down there.” Ooooh, I love it!

Best of all, Amy Poehler ends the interview by advising girls to, “Just hang in there, and stay in school. And grow your bush out wide, tall, and proud.” Are these not words to live by? These are women of my own heart. I think I need to send Amy and Jill some CUSS stickers.