>The space in the Ansonia condos formerly housing a swingers club that was hilariously written up in Time magazine (you must read the article by clicking on the link – priceless! The ‘70s sure were a unique era…) that was until recently a Super Gristedes grocery store (and before that a Food Emporium grocery store), has scaffolding in front of it during construction. The ad on the scaffolding says it is going to be a Loehman’s.

The evolution of the space over the past 30 years:

  • Gay club notorious for performances by Bette Midler and Barry Manilow, as well as for dispensing lube from the soap dispensers for hot gay orgies
  • Swingers club notorious for heterosexual orgies
  • (I’m not sure what was there during the 1980s, but we can use our imaginations. Drug den offering an orgy of illegal substances, maybe?)
  • Two different grocery stores providing a veritable orgy of food offerings
  • Discount designer clothing store proving an orgy of semi-luxury goods

If that does not present a clear picture of how the Upper West Side has changed over the years, nothing will. I’ll take the gay bathhouse, please.